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Welcome to the Timeline Project Store!
The TimeLine Project tells the story of America from two important perspectives:

The TimeLine of American Race Relations™ teaches Everyone's History
in a rich, interactive, multi-media format that traces the history of diversity from the 1500s to the present-day. With three sets of materials keyed to elementary, middle-school, and high-school students, the TimeLine brings culturally-relevant information into the classroom to inspire and motivate students.

The TimeLine of Women in America™: Building the Future 1900-the present
uses the same format to show students and parents alike the contributions women have made, and the challenges they have faced, during the last tumultuous century.

Here’s How It Works
• Participatory web site: Encourages individual research and expands on the TimeLine classroom materials with more items, links to other sites, and audio. It enables students to contribute items and receive recognition for themselves and their schools.
• Large classroom wall posters: Full-color posters track the stories of five major ethnic groups in the diversity poster, and a century’s history in the women’s poster. Each poster features a world-history timeline to place events in historical context.
• The student binder pack: each student gets an individual set of three-hole punched posters for reference in the classroom and to share with family members at home.
• Teacher lesson plans: The TimeLine of American Race Relations includes activities and discussions keyed to U.S. History curricula. The TimeLine of Women in America provides focus for discussions during Women’s History Month, and enhances the standard U.S. History curriculum throughout the school year.
For less than $2 per student per month, you can provide proven tools that strengthen a child’s commitment to learning. The TimeLine Project builds a bond among students, teachers and parents. The TimeLines make children more eager to learn.
• The TimeLine INSPIRES teachers who use it: "I am so excited because the kids really like the ideas." – 5th grade teacher
• The TimeLine MOTIVATES students: "The kids loved looking at it, and said it showed how much more work we have to do in race relations even now." – 11th grade teacher
• The TimeLine HELPS students who are struggling: “The color coding system helped English language learners and students with learning disabilities.” – 8th grade teacher
• The TimeLine GETS PARENTS INVOLVED: "Can my son keep using it next year?" – 5th grade student’s dad who had never before sought out his son’s teacher with any positive message